Friday, January 21, 2011

Hu Visits Foreignland

Harmonious Chinese leader Hu Jintao is on visiting trip to Foreignland to have dinner with Obama. It is historical vacationing for President Hu. He is discussing details of glorious economical deals with Foreignland. While foreigners complaining about intellectual property, Hu is responding thusly, "In 5000 years history of harmonious China, all your inventions are our intellectual property as was discovered during Huang Dynasty. You owe us royalties plus interest." Obama agreed to continue advertising campaign for BlockBerry, and will now replace Jackie Chan in selling toxic healthy chemical Bawang anti-hairloss shampoo.

The state dinner event was eventful. Foreigners did not extend enough courtesy to visitors from great China though. How can we eat steak and lobster with chopsticks? And why were staff so upset about throwing lobster shells on the floor? After dinner, we went to Chinatown to eat real food and sing karaoke.

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