Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chinglish the Bodyguard

Chairman Mao demands all comrades to protect the great culturality of Chinglish that has existed in China for 5000 years. I agree wiht China Daily columnist that Chinglish is not a cheap joke for waiguoren.

Mao hole-heartedly agrees with comrade commentator Huaqiqiao when he says, "English great language, but not perfect. Too much rubbish, too much big talk, too much paraphernalia, too much filibluster, too much soliloquies, too much French. We Chinese must help English friends improve their language, so we Chinese must keep on gurgitating Chinglish. Go Chinglish Go!" Mao believes English should delete all French from English until French stop talking to China's enemies.

Comrades are also encouraged to visit beautiful city of Yangshuo and order delicious dishes from Chinglish menus. The Chairman's Choice for best dishes include The Sauce Explodes the Chicken Rabbit, Yellow Cooks in a Covered Vessel the Beer Chicken, and Randomly Cooks.