Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wedding Wars

The wedding is a great Chinese tradition that dates back to ancient times when capitalist roaders called emporers ruled great China. In much places the groom is beaten by friends and family to prevent him from ruining his life by marrying a controlling women. These friends and families just want the man to have baijiu and sing karaoke instead. But, man will overcoming these obstacles and marry pretty girl anyway.
In some places, the efforts of friends and family can be brutal. Some grooms have had to call in the PLA for backup. Love is hell.

Chairman Mao supports the bride the groom fighting capitalist roaders on the way to matrimonials. 加油!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For the Students

The new school year will be begin soonly. Chairman Mao agrees that students are the future of Chinese civilization. We must help them succeeding by giving them all we can. Chairman Mao is glad to see hospitals helping out, especially in bad economy climate.
If you show your student ID, this hospital will provide abortions at 50% off the regular price. Bad credit, no credit, no problem.

Friday, August 14, 2009


As Chairman Mao has said before, China is at the forefront of ecological conservationary environmentaltarianism. All around China, people are caring about the environment by hugging trees. The newest development in the great 5,000-year-old developing country is the ecological toilet.

Chairman Mao doesn't understand the witchcraft involved in the development of plumbing that goes somewhere, but Hu Jintao has assured me that those pipes do not pollute the mainland (but they might lead to the rebellious island off the east coast).
Let us all enjoy the magicianry of saving the environments.