Friday, August 29, 2008

Traditional Treatment

Many laowai visited Beijing for to watch champions of China in glory over capitalist foes. But not all laowai came for games, some came for great Chinese culture of 5,000 years. So many peoples came to Forbidden City in center of China capital.

For laowai who do not know, Forbidden City is where evil feudalist emperors lived in ancient China. But Chairman Mao evicted them from large home. China needed space to house great communist leaders. In ancient times, Forbidden City was forbidden and many people would be killed if they entered Forbidden City.

Chairman Mao didn't like the treatment of peasants by feudal emperors. But, traditions die hard. Instead of killing peasants, we just punched them in stomach. Now, even laowai can experience great tradition of China.

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Mark Anthony Jones said...

I love your website - it's hilarious!