Sunday, March 16, 2008

Living Like a Laowai in Lower Manhattan

For some reason, laowai all have to work during Chinese New Year. Why don't they have holiday like all of China? I had to tour New York without the help of my laowai friends. It was very difficult to order laowai food at restaurant. Who is Reuben and why is in my sandwich? Tasted just so-so. I saw many pizza restaurant, but not Pizza Hut. I thought all laowai only ate that pizza. Everyone tells me to eat at Ray's, but too many Ray's to choose.

I took a walk around the city to find the New York Public Library. It's very big and free. I can't believe laowai trust others to return books. I always like to educate more, and reading make improvement. Like I used to say, "Good good study day day up!"

I was very tiring after long flight from China and time with Liberty lady yesterday.

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