Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chairman Hits City; City Stands and Takes It

Chairman Mao has returned from his extended trip to the United States. It was not a good will mission, nor was it diplomatic in any way. It was his holiday, and he did what he wanted. Here are his thoughts:

Greetings comrades,

This was first trip for me to see meiguo. For some reason they like to call it America. Why can't they use Chinese name? Anyway, my laowai friends invited me to visit the big city of New York. I had difficult time following laowai friend because there are too many other laowai in New York.

Our first stop was the big green lady in the river. What's her name again? Oh yeah, Liberty.

I thought it rude that the lady in the water showed me her back side. When we first arrived.

But she made up for it later. She really is a classy lady, but she's too old for Chairman Mao.
Next episode: Chairman does Lower Manhattan.

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