Wednesday, November 28, 2007

High as a Kite

Few weeks ago, I went with friends to the beach. It's free beach, so many factory workers go on day off from hard labor. It's a socialist beach with Chinese characteristics. But we didn't go to see the ocean or sandy beach--we wanted to see the kites.

The kite was invented by China. It has a long history--almost the same as our glorious 5000 years history of China. All good communists own kites--it provides relaxing and exercise after working 16 hours building our great cities.

That day, we had International Kite Festival. Now people all over the world have Chinese kites to fly. There were many laowai from waiguo flying kites on the beach. Some of those laowai fly kite very good. They didn't let this great leader fly a kite though, they said I wasn't big enough. So I sent them to labor camps.
After the Kite Festival, we walked around city looking for food. We found another great sign of Chinese civilization: the great waving cat. In Chinese we call it mao. Above is a picture of Mao on mao. It's funny Chinese joke.

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Brian Sorgatz said...

Esteemed Mr. Chairman, have you been introduced to the cats that look like Hitler?