Saturday, November 17, 2007

欢迎请进--Welcome, Please Enter

你好同志们和老外们。 我叫毛泽东。
Hello comrades and laowai. My name is Mao Zedong. You may remembering me from leader of China. You thought I died. I am still live. Lately, I have living in south of China near Hong Kong. I spend my time traveling and learning English. I have laowai English teacher from America--he's a capitalist pig.

Here's a picture of my with my laowai. His English name is Homer Simpson
I hope you will joining me as I show you my world.


Anonymous said...

It's not funny to uglify Chairman Mao in this way. You are traveling in China today, but your thoughts were in 1960's. Take care!

Laurie said...

Good heavens, this is hilarious! What a treat! :)