Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back from the Dead

Former Chairman Jiang Zemin loves playing practical jokes. And everyone fell for it once again.

During great Chinese Communist Party 90th birthday party with Chinese Socialist characteristics, Jiang played hide and seek with paparazzi. He also planted secret message in Hu Jintao's speech to public. If you play the speech backwards it says, "Jiang Zemin is dead." and then gives great recipe for sweet and sour pork. After few days, the joke got out of hand with rumors flying from the evil Western media propaganda news makers. So, Jiang brought himself back from the dead by drinking vitality baijiu made from seahorses and snake blood.

Jiang Zemin's other great practical jokes with Chinese characteristics:

  • In June 1989, he promised to give students everything they long as it didn't bring shame to their parents.
  • He said it was perfectly safe to sell blood in Henan province. The following year he erased Henan from the maps so journalists couldn't find it.
  • He said the Great Firewall of China was to keep out Mongolian hackers.

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