Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy China Anniversary Everyday!

Nobody throws a party like the Chinese Communist Party.

Chairman Mao was sipping baijiu and watching the glorious and harmonious National Day parade through Tiananmen Square. He really enjoying to watch the gloriousness and harmoniousness of China's 60th birthday since Mao came up with the wonderful idea of creating glorious and harmonious China.

Just like on Americaland's Thanksgiving, China pardons many pigeons from joining dinner settings. But, people rejoice as they have many other delicious animals to choosing from.
On this glorious day, everyone should be remember the important service of the ice cream men.
Not pictured: the group of "other" political party members before they marched back to prison.

And Chairman Mao's personal favorite highlight of the harmonious parade. Only the best soldiers can wear sexy boots in battle.

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