Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mao in the City

We now return to our great leader's adventures in America...

After days of travel in New York, I want to find Big Apple I keep seeing. Everywhere it write, "Big Apple." All I see are small apples in shops. Where is this big apple everyone talks about?

I started looking on other side of river in New Jersey. All I saw was many tall buildings in the city. No big apple. And it wasn't in Jersey City either.

After other side of the river, we tried to go through streets. We saw many things of America. Big famous ice skating rink outside was very nice. There are many communist art inside that capitalist building too. But still no big apple.

I thought capitalists must hide such a big apple in Wall Street. After all, that's where all money is to buy such fruit. But still no. I was very upset to not find big apple of New York. But I did get to ride the bull. Weeee!


Brittany Butts said...

I absolutely love your Mao Zedong blog! I always enjoy seeing pictures of stuffed creatures at different landmarks. It's kinda funny. I saw you at the WD forum. I always look at others' blogs. I just started my own. This blog was the first one that I really enjoyed. If you feel like looking at mine, feel free and thanks.

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